Multimedia Development Apps

List of apps educators can use for multimedia development. *Check the Apps compatibility with iOS and Win, trials etc. 

Animation Go animate, animationpaper, PowtoonSnyfig, Tupi, Blender

Audio & sound editing Audacity, Free Audio Editor, Wavosaur, Reaper (Free trial)

Games development MindcraftEdu, Scratch, Sploder, Microsoft Touch DevelopUnity 3D, Construct 2, Alice, GameSaladGameMakerTynker, Kahoot | Examples in curriculum for Primary Ed K-6 Matific for Maths 

Image editing Adobe Spark, IrfanView, Gimp, NikCollection, PhotoScape, PhotoPlus, PicMonkeyPixlr

Infographics Canva, Piktochart, Vizualizeme, Google Charts,, Infogr,

Makerspace physical computing links MaKeyMaKey, Arduino, RasberryPi

Project management tools Trello, Asana, Wrike

Text & Typography PicLab, Typecast, @font-face, Google Fonts

Video editing EDpuzzle, Explain EverythingPlayPosit, Spark VideoVibby, mySimpleshowiMovieShowMeDavinci, Shadow Puppet EDUScreencast-o-matic, Blender, 30handsLightworks (Trial only), Movica, Opentest

Web design and development Sublime Text, AtomSway, CodePen. *Learn and teach web Codecademy,, Tynker, Grok, CSS tricks, W3 Schools

Wireframing and prototyping POP, Paper by 53, Invision, Marvel, AtomicShapish