Primary Ed Multimedia tools

Animato – Making videos

Buncee – online multimedia canvas

Canva – Brochures, infographics, posters, logos etc 

Easel – Infographics

EDpuzzle – video creation 

Emaze – Presentation templates

Glogster – Interactive multimedia posters

goFormative – online assessment, classwork and homework

Haikudeck – presentation for web and mobile

Lino – sticky and photo sharing

Mentimeter – collaboration, meeting and teaching platform

Opinion Stage – quizzes, surveys and polls

Padlet – online collaboration

Photopeach – photoslideshows

PlayPosit – interactive video

Popplet – mind-mapping and visual learning tool for the classroom

Powtoon –  animated videos and presentations

Prezi – multimedia presentation tool

Smore – flyers and newsletters

Socrative – progressive assessment

Spark – social graphics, web stories and animated videos

Storybird – visual storytelling

Thinglink – annotate images and videos

TodaysMeet – chat platform for teachers and students

Tozzl – digital pinboard

Versal – Interactive online learning

Verso – activate learning in your classroom

Vibby – video editing

Zaption – online interactive video